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Aromatherapy draws on the healing properties of the plant world but instead of using the whole plant it employs only its essential oil.

Aromatherapy combines these highly aromatic oils with massage, thus making use of our most primitive yet most highly evolved senses; smell and touch. Even though massage is the mainstay of the art of aromatherapy, essential oils can be used in a variety of ways for healing; in baths, skin care, preparations, inhalations and massage blends and it is this healing potential that promotes relaxation, thereby engendering peace and tranquillity in the recipient. In so doing, it creates favourable conditions within the mind and body for healing to take place naturally.

Aromatherapy combines these highly aromatic oils with massageStudies have shown that essential oils of lavender and neroli can promote the growth of new skin cells, others such as cypress and rose can influence hormonal secretions thus exerting a beneficial effect on the human reproductive system, tea tree and thyme helps to strengthen the immune system.

Essential oils also act on the nervous system; camomile and sandalwood can help stress, rosemary and black pepper will stimulate thereby helping fatigue. All essential oils are antiseptic; many are analgesic whilst some, eucalyptus for example, are endowed with antiviral properties also.



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