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Indian Head Massage is a stress-reducing form of bodywork that can be carried out whilst sitting in a chair.

It is a massage sequence for the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face which reduces tension and stiffness, leaving the client feeling relaxed and calm, yet energized, alert and ready to return back to work if done in the work place.

Massage has always played an important part in Indian family life, praised for its therapeutic benefits and believed to maintain good health and longevity.

Indian Head Massage is as pleasurable to give as it is to receive. This ancient art is calming, revitalizing, uplifting and incredibly rewarding. Much of the joy lies in its simplicity, effectiveness and accessibility - no equipment is needed and it takes less than half-hour to complete.

With a few basic strokes, you can relax and soothe or invigorate and stimulate. It is a wonderful way of pacifying a troubled child to sleep, refresh a jaded computer-user or pampering your loved ones with some tender loving care.


For the client receiving Indian Head Massage:

  • It takes approximately 25 minutes
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Its convenient (practitioner can go direct to the client)
  • Its practical (oil-free and client is fully clothed)
  • Its therapeutic effects last well after the treatment is over
  • Its short and long term benefits are individual, varied and cumulative.

For the practitioner of Indian Head Massage:

  • Participating in the growth of a rapidly expanding proven stress­related industry if taken to the workplace
  • Increases your therapeutic skill base
  • Offering a service for people who may find other forms of bodywork invasive or difficult
  • Can be used alongside other therapies
  • Substantially increased earning ability
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