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Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Energy. Reiki is a blend of cosmic energy (Rei) and the energy within us (Ki). It is the energy of lie, of growth and healing.

Reiki is a natural healing art and a spiritual discipline. Energy is transmitted through your hands, to yourself or to others and operates on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For a person in good health, Reiki offers a pleasant way to relax, to relieve stress and to increase energy and vitality. Reiki may be used to facilitate the healing of illness and help the individual return to a state of balance and wholeness. It can strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins and release emotional blockages. As it works on all levels of our being, Reiki provides a powerful tool for growth and personal transformation.

Everyone can learn Reiki. All that is required is a willingness to connect with this form of life energy.

OMNI HEALING- The highest form of Reiki- This is the most powerful Reiki programme. The Omni provides healing at a faster rate and this Omni healing system is about 300 times more powerful than the traditional Reiki.

Another treatment I perform that is classed under Reiki is ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ATTUNEMENTS, which allows people access to HIS energy in which they are able to do these attunements on others to pass this great energy on.



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