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Day 1

  • Introducing themselves
  • Meditation
  • Introduction to History of Reiki, and What is an attuenment
  • Introduction about HealingDe-tox period,Auras and Chakras
  • Attunement (before lunch)
  • Discuss their experiences
  • Shown hand positions for self-healing and for treating others
  • Healing practice for self-healing

Day 2

  • Recounting the experiences of the previous day's class
  • Scanning each others aura
  • Practice Dry Bathing, Riki Shower, Psychic Shower
  • Giving Reiki treatments to each other - in chair position and on couch
  • Discussion of creative ways of using Reiki, dealing with emergencies, healing animals and plants etc.
  • Discuss ways of Protection
  • Questions & Answers - presentation of Certificate

Should only 1-2 people attend the course, then we can complete it in one day.

A comprehensive training manual is provided with a certificate.

Course Fee

Course Dates

To be arranged, please contact.


The Therapy Centre, 33 The Parade, Cardiff
Urb La Marina, Spain


The minimum period of time between taking the First Degree and the Second Degree is generally three months.

There are two main reasons for this minimum period. The first is to allow the student time to adjust to the new energy in their body and to reflect on and appreciate the changes. The second is to allow them time to understand fully how Reiki works. Rushing into the Second Degree can mean that the student does not have time to become familiar with the basic energy of Reiki.

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