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Archangel Michael is the mighty warrior angel, who protects the vulnerable and gives strength and courage to those who need it. He often appears as a blue light or as a huge being, carrying a shield and sword.
Archangel Michael is known as the Protector and will look after your home, your car and your family. Remember: when you ask for him to watch over you, you must have faith that he is there. He will give you fortitude when you need it. When you ask for protection, he will place a blue cloak around you and that will ensure that no one else’s heavy thoughts or emotions enter your space.


 The attunement is an intitiation when you are connected directly to his energy and can call on him at any time. You will feel an increase in your energy at once and experience a great peace. Angel energy is powerful and when you connect directly to Archangel Michael, his protection is felt immediately. The attunement also means that you can work with him and make a difference to the world. The wonderful thing about the attunement is that you will then be able to attune people yourself so that this wonderful energy can be gradually spread all over the world.

The attunement itself takes about 40 minutes which includes a lie down to allow the angel energy to be absorbed but allow up to 2-3 hours as there will be Archangel Michael meditation first and then you need to see how the atunement is done. This attunement is best done in a group of at least 3 people as this wonderful energy is manifested amongst us all. The cost will be €25 and the times are 10.00- 1.00. 


To be arranged...

Please contact me for any further information.

Tutor: Christine Quinlan   IIHHT, MIFHT   Tel: 966 795 103

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