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The focus of an Indian Head Massage is based upon your sense of comfort and relaxation. The treatment (in which no oils are involved) is carried out to your upper back, arms, neck and head and you remain seated and fully clothed throughout.

What are the benefits?

Physical benefits can include reduced tension from the whole body or from specific muscles:

  • improvement in circulation
  • relief from headache
  • eye strain
  • tense jaws
  • improvement in sleep quality

relaxing and calmingWith an Indian Head Massage you can experience a relaxing and calming effect on your body & mind plus a tranquility and a sense of rejuvenation.

What does each session involve?

Each session involves a variety of moves - gentle effeurage to a brisk light tapotment, completing with your therapists hands resting lightly on your shoulders.

Training Course

For people interested in learning about Indian Head Massage, I carry out a 2 day course in which you should be able to perform a 25 minute massage routine <click here>

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