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Massage is now one of the most widely practised complementary therapies and should be thought of as a way of life rather than a luxury. It is increasingly used alongside orthodox medicine for treating a range of ailments, many of which are attributed to stress and tension.

Massage need not be time consuming - just a 10 or 15 minute back massage can be therapeutic because the spine is the centre of all the body's functions.


Touch is the first of the senses to develop. Our skin is covered with sensory nerve receptors that receive stimuli of heat, cold, touch, pressure and pain. From newborn babies to getting older we need the importance of touch. Massage is one way to experience touch and it is wonderfully satisfying to know that we can give so much pleasure simply by using our hands.
Massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, break down stubborn areas of fat, or work at a deeper level to promote the body's natural healing ability.


The numerous benefits include improved circulation, digestion and skin condition and relieve tense muscles.


This basic massage courses is structured over one day and commences at 10.00 until 5.00. At the end of the course you will be able to perform a complete body massage treatment. You are advised to wear loose,comfortable clothing.


  • Introduction to the Importance of Touch and Power of Massage
  • Conditions where massage can be beneficial
  • Preparation for treatment
  • Preparing the client
  • Application of the treatment - to incorporate the back, legs, neck and face
  • Observations during the treatment
  • Treatment adaptations

All students will be working on each other. Please bring along some towels and massage oil.

In addition to the training, you will receive a comprehensive manual.

The cost of the course:  €90

Tutor: Christine Quinlan   IIHHT, MIFHT   Tel: 966 795 103

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